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Marston Robing

Graduation made easy

Hire - Academic Dress

Marston Robing has provided graduation gowns, robes, caps and hoods for ceremonies at all levels of academic achievement and in many different locations across the world. Our staff have a deep and diverse experience of many decades at Universities, Colleges, Institutes and many other educational establishments in dressing students at this important moment in their life.

Our capabilities include robing dozens, hundreds or even thousands of graduate students over one day or many days in formal set-piece ceremonies and events.

We provide individual graduation gowns for hire to those who have missed their graduation ceremony and want to celebrate with friends and family, or to have formal photographs taken for posterity.

We also welcome faith based institutions, offering church gowns and choir robes for hire. We have a long and happy track record of working with churches of many denominations and are keen to work with more organisations, whatever their faith. In many ways this represents a return to the roots of the graduation process from 700 or more years ago.

There are many other reasons for hiring academic gowns and robes, and we think we have covered them all in our time: these include Stage, Film and TV Productions for schools, groups and major networks; Choirs, whether formal or for fun: common interest groups including Club award ceremonies: and more.

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