Children's Graduation Size Guide

Our sizes are based on the 'average' size given as an age.  If you have children that are significantly larger we would recommend going up a size; or down a size if they are significantly smaller. Generally because the gowns are a loose garment and the length is not as important as with trousers for example, most children should be fine in the main size for that age. In general it is better to go a littler larger, as a longer gown can be shortened or tacked up if need be, whilst a gown that is too short cannot be lengthened.

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Childrens Graduation Robe Size Guide

Gown Sizes

  Age Size Height
Pre-School 3-4 yrs size 24 3'3"-3'5"
  4-5 yrs size 27 3'6"-3'8"
  Age Size Height
Primary School 5-6 yrs

size 30 4'0"-4'2"
  7-8 yrs size 33 4'3"-4'5"
  9 yrs size 36 4'6"-4'8"
  10-11 yrs size 39 4'9"-4'11"
  12-13 yrs size 42 5'0"-5'5"

Childrens Hat Sizes

Age Size
under 8 years size 1
over 8 years size 2


  Age Size
Stoles 11 yrs and under size 1
  12 yrs and over size 2
  Age Size
Tassels size 33 and under gowns

6 inch
  size 36 and above gowns 9 inch

If you have any questions please call our office on 01264 339 706 and we will be able to help.