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Graduation Stoles

Graduation stoles (a type of graduation gown sash that hangs over the shoulders and down the front of the gown) are some of our most popular graduation gown accessories. Stoles can be worn with or without a gown and make ideal souvenirs to remember your time at university or for home graduation ceremonies.

Official Stoles:

We have some graduation stoles already available for certain universities, including University College Dublin and Queen Mary's University of London, which have specific colours for the university and the logo on them (these have been officially approved by the student unions of these universities). We also have stoles that are not affiliated with any institutions and are suitable for any graduation ceremony. 


Our range of graduation stoles are available in royal blue, gold, red, sky blue, purple, orange, navy, pink, white, emerald green and forest green, with custom colours available if you contact us. 

Stoles for Children:

Our stoles for children come in two different sizes:

size 1 for children under the age of eleven 

size 2 for twelve and over

Have a look at our gallery to see some of our stoles on adorable children graduating from school and nursery.

Custom Stoles and Bulk Orders:

We do have a minimum order of 50 pieces for custom graduation stoles, and you should allow up to four weeks for delivery. We can add logos to any of our stoles to make custom graduation stoles if you would prefer. Please contact us if you are interested in custom graduation stoles or if you would like to place a bulk order, either by phone on 01264 339706 or via our online contact form. 

Children's Graduation Stole Plain, Size 1 - Pack of 2

Our high-quality graduation stoles add an extra dimension to your graduation dress. Size 1 stoles..

£11.00 Ex VAT: £11.00

Children's Graduation Stole C U - Embroidered / Printed

Looking for something a little bit different and extra special? Why not create your own exclusive..

£15.00 Ex VAT: £15.00

Graduation Stole - Satin Finish - Size 2

Our high-quality graduation stoles add an extra dimension to your graduation dress. Size 2 gradua..

£13.20 Ex VAT: £11.00

Graduation Stole - Customised

Please contact us first to discuss your requirements. Call us on 01264 339706 or email us&..

£18.00 Ex VAT: £15.00